The #1 Sports Betting Research Platform In The World

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The #1 Sports Betting Research Platform In The World

Find Your Edge

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What is EdgHouse?

EdgHouse is a premium sports betting research platform and service. We currently cover NFL, NBA & MLB betting and provide users with betting tools designed to help them make smarter data-driven betting decisions

Using our betting tools & reports will cut your research time down significantly and help you gain a competitive advantage while finding an edge that is needed to beat the sportsbooks in the long run

We Make Sports Betting Easier For You

EdgHouse users are given exclusive access to The EdgReport and our sports betting research platform where all betting tools are provided. These reports & tools make finding and researching sports bets much easier and faster

Sports Betting Research Platform

Easier & Smarter Sports Betting

Our tools make it easy for you to quickly research betting trends and dive into the numbers behind any bet you’re interested in

League & Sport Specific Tools

The EdgHouse research platform is filled with all our sports betting tools specifically designed and tailored to each sport we cover

Near Real-Time Lines & Odds

All lines & odds are updated throughout the day in near real-time

Massive Database

All of our tools and features are fueled by the EdgHouse database that currently consists of over 450,000,000+ data points and is updated daily

Designed For All Bettors

The research platform was designed to assist all levels of bettors – it doesn’t matter if you are a new, experienced, losing, or winning bettor, our platform can help you achieve and maintain long term success

Check out the EdgHouse tools & features page for a complete rundown of what our research platform has to offer!


The EdgReport

Exclusive In-House Betting Reports

The EdgReport is a sports betting report custom built and created by the EdgHouse team – these are our exclusive in-house betting reports

Every Player Prop Scanned

Each day or week (depending on league) our program runs scans on every player prop available and automatically sorts by bet type and winning % while also providing stats for each prop bet

Easy To Read & Understand

All this data is then organized, sorted, and loaded into a report for our users that is easy to understand and quick to view on any device

We Do The Work For You

We do the work every day saving you a ton of research time by showing you which betting trends are hot and cold!

Check out the EdgHouse bet types covered page to find a complete list of bet type analytics the EdgHouse platform covers for each league!

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Why EdgHouse?

The Best Betting Research Tools

Our betting tools are designed so you can research any bet, from any angle, at any time

Ease of Use

Our platform is easy to understand, very interactive, and bettor friendly

Visualize & Explore

See the data and perform analysis through a new lense like never before


Identify Confluence

Use our tools collectively, identify confluence, and confirm your betting ideas

Designed for Sports Bettors

EdgHouse is designed for sports bettors by sports bettors


Find Your Edge

Make better data-driven betting decisions and find your true edge!

Reach Out

Have any questions? Please reach out to our support team and we will respond as soon as possible!

EdgReport Plans

✅ Daily player prop cheat sheet

✅ Every player prop available, organized and sorted by hit rate

✅ Identify the hottest/coldest player prop trends in seconds

✅ Bet line, over/under hit rates, odds, game counts, over/under counts, & defense rankings

✅ NFL, NBA, & MLB versions






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Platform Plans

✅ALL EdgReports from all leagues & sports we offer
✅ALL betting research tools we currently have for the NFL, NBA, & MLB
✅ALL future tools added, improvements, & updates

✅ALL future leagues & sports we add to the platform

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